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Monday, April 11, 2011

Debauchery - My Drunken Epiphany at Luck One's True Theory Album Release Party at the Crown Room.

This post is dedicated to my good buddy Amsterdam, who should have rolled with us but instead elected to drive back to Salem at 8pm.

SATURDAY - April 10, 2011

My youngest son's first game on the "farm team" (read: coach-pitch baseball) was a barn-burner and he scored 3 runs, batted .500 and forced 5 outs while playing first baseman. Like a child he displayed an eager excitement, but at the same time exerted his will through passion and determination.

While he got the shine, I got to play proud poppa. I happily rooted for him, became vocally frustrated when he missed opportunities, and took compliments and looks of approval from other parents and onlookers. One of the people in the audience was none other than DJ Gen Erik (of Animal Farm) who stopped by with his family while taking a walk on that rare sunny Spring day in Portland, Oregon.

What did that have to do with Luck One's album release party? Nothing at all, but it certainly set the stage for what was clearly an excellent day from the get go. See, in Mac's World winning days turn into debaucherous nights... It also allowed me to brag about my ultra-athletic and undeniably handsome - albeit slightly undersized - 7 year old son, so ha!

Fast forward a few hours and I'm kissing my son on the forehead and kissing my mom on the cheek. She tells me to have fun and be safe, as always. I grin, as always, and promise to do the former, but that I can't guarantee the latter. She rolls her eyes and smiles as I jump in my whip, as always.

Forward another hour :: Goodwill and I are walking up to The Crown Room. It's 9:10 and there is a line around the corner. Doors are scheduled to open at 9:30, and the first hour is an open bar. When the doors open, Goodwill and I look at the bartender from our seats and he asks, "What can I get ya?" (Word to Eric, my favorite club security guy!)

Kevin, Craig and Brynden from V1Creative were there with the camaras already and documented the first few drinks of the night. People began pouring in and by the fourth round we were surrounded at the bar. Familiar and new faces came and went and some hellacious conversation ensued. Trox was an early enterer and wasted no time getting red-faced with us. I'm pretty sure I met a few Twitter followers and I certainly made a few new ones. My favorite bartender in the world, Christina, was not present that evening though, so I decided not to make it a Hennessy night and just chill with a half-dozen or so rum & cokes. Sonny, on the other hand, couldn't wait for open bar to end and at 10:30 on the dot he promptly purchased his cup of Heem.

It was around this time that I decided I needed to do the Stand Up After Drinking A Lot Test. See, just a few hours ago I was asked by Luck One to perform with him at his album release. My acceptance of this task meant that I wouldn't be wearing a button-up, so minor wardrobe adjustments were made before leaving the house. Had to get back in rapper mode. But I digress... I passed the test with nary a wobble and was confident that my clear intoxication had me right in the pocket. I felt like Jackie Chan in The Legend of Drunken Master. I mean, I'm nice in my right mind, but I go Level 7 off a good one.

A bathroom break with no lines involved (#winning!) had me feeling kind of Charlie Sheen-ish and after washing my hands like several others didn't (I see you nasty effers and that's why you don't get daps from me!) it was about time to rock. I made no attempt to estimate the number of people in the building, but the building was clearly at, if not beyond, capacity. Maybe I'll ask Leigh for the official numbers later, but the point is that the place was packed, obviously.

We took the stage and once again I saw DJ Gen Erik attending one of my family events. Then I watched my younger brother maturely focus his excitement and masterfully exert his will on a captive crowd, much like I'd watched my son do earlier. This time, I was a little closer to the action though, and my rooting was magnified not only by my BAC, but also by the size of the moment.

As a respectable emcee in my own right, I'm often asked what it's like to hype for my little brother. To me, I'm doing the same thing on the stage with Luck One that I do at my son's games; that is, anxiously and unapologetically supporting my family while basking in the glow of potential greatness. On the days when it's my turn to be the star, they do the same for me and that's what family is about.

Yet and still, that does not answer how I feel. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a nonillion sentances. So I'll give you two videos and leave you with some math homework. Oh, and Keak da Sneak still rocked after us. Brave guy.

Intro + 80's Back

Freestyle + I Believe

Over and out,

~Mac Smitty (the 7th Science Assassin)

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