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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Press Release (By Me) - N.VS x Calvin Valentine - Trophy Cases


Let it begin. Portland-based producer Calvin Valentine has teamed with Chicago-based emcee N.VS to create Trophy Cases, the first of several releases planned from the seven-member Fang Tshida collaborative. The free and downloadable 5-song EP features cameos from rhymers Sam Trump, BE.Water and Epp – as well as musical input from DaiN, Hi-Res and Chase Moore – and is themed with radio clips from the Portland Trailblazers’ 1977 NBA Championship series; clearly a nod to the duo’s Oregon roots.

Valentine and N.VS grew up as friends in the Oregon college town of Eugene before settling, respectively, in Portland and Chicago. Calvin Valentine is an extremely soulful young man with a penchant for combining slappy beats with live instrumentation. His clientele list includes Two Time World Rap Champion Illmaculate and West Coast hip-hop legend Planet Asia. Meanwhile, N.VS – an audio engineering student at Columbia College Chicago – is a smooth syllable-slicing wordsmith turned beatsmith, eagerly finding his way back to the proverbial wax. Focused on producing for the last three years, Trophy Cases is his first return to the microphone as a headlining emcee.

The resulting combination is a free EP that works. N.VS’ well thought out rhyme schemes and experience performing with a live band help meld his voice comfortably with Valentine’s expressive head-knocking compositions. With a sound built to satisfy existing fan bases in two very different regions, this first installment from Fang Tshida is certain to garner significant buzz. The title track, which is also the single, is receiving radio play on both WGCI 107.5 (Chicago) and Wild 107.5 (Portland).
Download Trophy Cases for free at:

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