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Monday, November 1, 2010

What If: "I Started This Wanksta Sh*... Is the Motherf* Thanks I Get?"

11:00 PST

This morning, Ja Rule held a press conference to officially side with Jay-Z in his hardly-escalating beef with Oakland, California rap pastor Hammer.

Ja stated that he understands what it means to have people take shots at you, assured Jay-Z that their friendship was still intact, and shamelessly showed footage from the "Can I Get A..." music video and the motion picture "Backstage". When asked by a tabloid journalist why he was needlessly inserting himself into this mess, Rule responded, "I started this wanksta shit... Is this the motherfuckin thanks I get?"

Hammer's camp has been quiet, but strongly hinted that due to budget constraints, the response will not be as well produced as the Jay-Z attack.

Jay-Z has declined comment on either matter, but smiled at the paparazzi and mused, "Holla, holla."

No major news stations were present to record this occurrence; however, FOX News did show up an hour later and report "Live" from the scene.

What if...?

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